Sunday, 26 May 2013

Fearn Airfield and Accommodation Camp (HMS Owl)

On a cold day in mid-November Brother_Bear and I set off for a mooch around an abandoned airfield. The airfield and accommodation camp were build during World War Two as a satellite to the nearby Tain airfield.
A useful site for history is The Fearn page is here.
A lot of this site was in poor condition and being reclaimed by nature but we still found a lot of good stuff!

The main control tower in by the (still active) runway

It still has a lot of original features, for such as this toilet

The runway was built during the war but is still occasionally used today

A lot of the buildings in the airfield part have been sadly burnt out or are just emplty shells.

But some still have the remains of controls and wiring

A number of these strange underground building were cut into the ground

We then moved on to the accommodation camp section of the site

Some of which seemed to be in danger of collapsing

The decontamination unit, build in case of a gas attack on the camp. The inside was empty apart from some ripped clothing and old mattresses.

Various other building still has original features such as benches


and pegs for clothes

Then we came across this building.

We pushed through the various trees and shrubbery

The cold was forgotten when found these

These murals had been painted in the officers mess

And has survived all this time

Older ones had been here before but had been painted over

This was a brilliant site, but is sadly being reclaimed by nature. 

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